Parish Clergy

Rev. Paul C. Bebis, Presiding Priest

Voice: 1(978) 342-1216

Father Paul C. Bebis was born and raised in New Bedford, MA.  He is the son of a priest, Father Constantine S. Bebis who is served the New Bedford, MA. Community for over 60 years. His loving mother, Presbytera Irene, who has passed on to the Lord, was also very instrumental in Father Paul''s life.    Father Paul has served in two previous churches, at St. Nicholas in Enfield, Conn. for 3 years, and Holy Trinity in Fort Wayne, Indiana for nearly 10 years.  He is a graduate of Emerson College with a four year degree in Mass Communications and a Master''s of Divinity Degree from Holy Cross in 1994. He also recieved a bachelors degree in elementary education.  Father Paul is married to Presvytera Terry Bebis and has one son, Joshua.

Our Faith

"We knew not whether we were in heaven or on earth, for surely there is no such splendor or beauty anywhere on earth. We cannot describe it to you; we only know that God dwells there among men and that their Service surpasses the worship of all other places..." Learn more»